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COVID-19 (Corona Virus) statement: 

For anyone wanting their TiVo modified or repaired in these uncertain times I can pledge that local drop off/pick up are done in accordance with safe distancing and "no contact" procedures. For TiVo's that are shipped these are returned fully sanitised on top of my usual cleaning procedures.


Many people are still using TiVo's without Guide Data and discovering that YES there is a way of restoring Guide Data, clock synchronisation, and as many as the community can provide the "nice" features a TiVo used to offer them. 

For those unaware, the OzTiVo and NZTiVo community began work in mid 2017 to ensure that TiVo's would still have functionality after the official switch off.  For just over two years now we have collectively made this happen and so far over 2,500 TiVo's are getting TV Guide Data with more added daily. 

Yours can too.

Please see the section "SAVING TIVO!!" for more information.

You can also visit and participate on the official forums at http://forums.oztivo.net/

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