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Since the announcement in March 2017 by TiVo/Hybrid that the TiVo service would be ceasing on October 31 and the EPG soon after, a mammoth undertaking behind the scenes started by a bunch of dedicated volunteers to save the TiVo.


We, as a group, were pleased to announce at that time all the hard work paid off. After many months of testing had been done on November 1 2017, on what we could call "TiVo Independence Day", the software update to keep TiVo's in Australia and New Zealand went live and was announced on Whirlpool here:

REMINDER: like mentioned in that post your TiVo does require a chip to be swapped on the motherboard along with a software "patch" to make the TiVo find the new (OzTiVo) server where the Guide Data is located. The chip change is needed so that certain checks for "official" software is not required and we can run our software patches. You can think of this like "jailbreaking" your phone or fitting a modchip to a games console so that software not approved by the manufacturer can be run. 


For most people the chip change is the hard part as it requires a level of expertise to remove the old chip and put in a replacement.  But don't let that put you off.  I am offering to do anyone's TiVo(s) at nothing more than a nominal cost including the software patch, and while I have it open I will also give it a full clean out, replace the often broken/missing rubber feet, service the rear cooling fan and check the hard disk and power supply.  Most people are happy to offer $50 each TiVo. I am in Melbourne but as said below we also have people in various locations around Australia and New Zealand who can also assist. While they set their own price and level of service you are welcome email me for contact details.

For those who are competent at surface mounted soldering the full document on how to do the swap is here:

Like mentioned above we have a network of volunteers happy to assist in hardware/software updating your TiVo if you cannot do it.


In addition to myself in Melbourne who can provide full service and/or repair your already modded unit, we currently have: Sydney, Orange (NSW), Nambucca Heads (NSW Mid North Coast), Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Tasmania, and also New Zealand contacts in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. 

Email me for their details if you wish them to assist.  I do not publish their details online as this is a live list and volunteers can come and go so I try to keep it as current as I can offline. 


Note I have no say in any charges or how they do their works. Remember we are all volunteers.  We are always looking for more helpers located anywhere you may be, so if you have read the how-to document and are comfortable with the skills required then your help would be appreciated to share the workload. Remember as you are volunteering there is no expectation of how many you need to do. You control that and can opt in and out at any time as your circumstances change.

Once the chip has been swapped and the software update loaded your TiVo operates like you have always known it to (ie no change in the "look and feel") but will continue to have lots more functionality than a dumb manual time and channel setting recorder (in other words a doorstop) when TiVo/Hybrid chose to "end of life" TiVo as a commercial product in Australia and New Zealand on October 31 2017.

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